LUCE+ illuminates the rooms according to your needs

Attention flexibility punctuality precision.

We guarantee your satisfaction by providing a comprehensive and personalized service.

The high level of professionalism of our staff, along with the care in the selection of the products and materials we use during installation, ensure impressive results both from an artistic and design perspective.

Refined products and interior design.

Our products meet all the lighting needs of homes, schools, hotels and churches, but also the more specific requirements of the marine sector, of sports centres or clinics, and we can also provide lighting calculations relating to brightness.

Our team is always happy to recommend the best solution for any requirement.

Design research and cutting-edge technologies.

LUCE+ guarantees relentless attention to detail and to quality. During the development of projects, the design and functionality of the installations are the cornerstones of the entire work.

First of all, we sell the lighting fixture. This is the central focus around which we work to make your space as warm, welcoming and elegant as possible.

Consultancy services

Our lighting experts will give you technical clarifications and advice to meet your needs.


Study of the space, testing of the selected products, lighting calculations relating to brightness.


Come and visit our shop to see the products that LUCE+ has created for your home.